My name is Troy Vidovich

I am a husband and a father to 4 beautiful kids, grandson, a dog, a horse and 30 chooks haha and live on a beautiful 100 acres.

My Dad was a vegetable grower, so I was always bought up on fresh produce which I am very great for because it has helped me understand the beauty of fresh produce. 

This has played a huge roll for me and my family in our health food journey and along with the awesome knowledge of Don Tolman it has us live a healthy happy life without all preservatives, additives and chemicals not only in our foods but also in everyday products.

I have owned and ran businesses for over 25 years now and along with playing and coaching sport I just love helping people grow and evolve.

Having been on my own personal growth, healing journey with some powerful coaches I now have unlocked my true self to understand my passion and purpose in life.

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