I'm Troy Vidovich, a Holistic Life Coach & a Tolman health student in Perth, dedicated to guiding individuals towards profound healing and self-discovery.

Through an holistic approach, I address root causes of pain, healing from trauma and nurturing connections between mind, body, and soul.

My mission is simple yet transformative: to empower clients to become their own healers, physician and to have the true freedom and courage to create the healthy life they love waking up to.

  • Eye Assessment

    What is Iridology? How your eyes can tell you so much about your health.

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  • Holistic Coaching

    Book a FREE discovery call to start your inner healing.

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  • Creating a Life You Love

    Learn how to have a positive mindset with my 7 video program.

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" There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle"


    "I had been suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety and depression for years, and nothing seemed to help.

    I tried different therapies, remedies and diets, but nothing made a difference long term, I was always slipping back into the dark.

    I was desperate for a solution and couldn’t keep going on the path I was, and that’s when Troy walked into my life.

    I enrolled in Troy’s 3 month Transformation Program and my Life on this Planet has changed dramatically.

    Troy used a combination of natural remedies, energy healing, and spiritual guidance (Mind-Body-Soul) to help me heal from the inside out. He listened to my concerns, assessed my condition, and created a personalized plan for me to follow.

  • ALAN

    “I attended started a journey with Troy as my coach, and it was a transformative experience. With his guidance and unwavering support, I learned invaluable skills to assist me overcoming major hurdles in my life, that were preventing me from moving forward and finding happiness. Through his coaching, I not only regained my self-belief but also reconnected with my true self. Troy's insistence on wholehearted commitment to the process was, in reality, a commitment to myself to embrace change completely. I firmly believe that if others are dedicated, Troy can equip them with the tools they need and accompany them on their journey towards self-improvement. I wholeheartedly recommend Troy to anyone seeking positive change in their lives”.

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Positive Mindset Free Ebook

I have created a free ebook where I teach you how to align your Mind, Body & Soul and in return creating a positive mindset.


Shining Your Light Community, a safe haven for those seeking understanding and support on their journey to unlock their potential.

Our group provides a nurturing environment where you'll receive guidance to overcome obstacles and embrace a life you truly love waking up to.

Together, we'll explore the reasons behind your struggles and equip you with the tools to regain your confidence and inner peace. Join us in cultivating self-love, belief, and the courage to create a joyful, fulfilling life.